Styling of hair

9sh. Beautiful style for a whole day  Styling Spray

■Quick-drying spray gives a long-lasting firm hold to your hairstyle.
■For giving a rise to your bangs, or for creating an accent to your short or long hair.

Subtle fragrance: Grapefruit scent

Narrow spraying angle gives a pinpoint aim.

When a firm hold is desired, spray 20-40cm away from your hair. The quick-drying quality of this spray makes it easy to style any types of hair and arrangements. The narrow spraying angle makes it easy to create an accent to your hairstyle.

Shea Butter・Grape Seed Oil / Green Tea Extract (moisturizer) / etc.

Styling spray of Hair 9SH

Styling spray of Hair 9SH


Styling spray of Hair 9SH Standard 125g
¥1,944(Including tax)