Styling of hair

5. Soft bouncy hair  Styling Foam

■For a natural and soft wavy hairstyle.
■When you want bounce to straight or wavy styles.

Lavender orange scent

While preventing from getting dry, it gives an airy bounce to your hair.
Brown sugar, ceramide, and Lipidure(R)NA moisturizes your hair while creating a non-sticky, soft and natural wavy style.

Sunflower Ceramide・Brown Sugar・Lipidure(R)NA (moisturizer) / Silk (conditioning agent) / Keratin (repairing agent) / Licorice・Dry-distilled Tea Leaf Extracst/Green Tea Extract・Cacao / Lavender Oil・Orange Oil (scent) / etc.

Water foam of Hair 8

Water foam of Hair 8


Water foam of Hair 8 Standard 150ml
¥2,484(Including tax)