Styling of hair

5.5Ma. Airly styling

■Styling Hair Milk

Magnolia scent

Moisturizes your hair and give a shine and airly finish. Plant-oriented ingredients, such as organic argan oil, magnolia extract moisturize, soften, and give shiny finish to your hair. Contain ingredients to repair your hair, such as pellicer and protecute.

Pellicer®・Proticute (repairing agent) / Argan Oil・Lipidure(R) NA・Eidelweiss・Rutin Derivative ・Magnolia Extract (moisturizer) / Lavender Oil・Orange Oil (scent) / etc.

Hair Milk of Hair 5.5Ma

Hair Milk of Hair 5.5Ma


Hair Milk of Hair 5.5Ma Disposable size Disposable size 5ml
¥183(Including tax)
Hair Milk of Hair 5.5Ma Standard 100ml
¥3,564(Including tax)