Soap of hair

1-Ma. Silky & light / bouncy & elastic type

■For damaged hair caused by perm and color.
■For people who want smooth, shiny hair.

Soothing Magnolia scent

The supplementary ingredient, Ceracute(R)-G, provides natural silky touch to your hair. The innovative formula of silk essence and rutin revitalizes hair for a sleek and tangle-free finish.

Betaine-oriented cleansing ingredient / Silk-originated cleansing ingredient / Lipidure(R)(moisturizer) / Ceracute(R)-G・Silk Extract (repairing agent) / Rutin Derivative (conditioning agent) / Grapefruit・Hawthorn・Jujube・Apple・Lime / Lavender Oil・Orange Oil (scent) / etc.

Soap of hair 1-Ma

Soap of Hair 1-Ma


soap of hair 1-Ma Disposable size 10ml
¥162(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-Ma mini bottle Mini bottle 60ml
¥972(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-Ma Standard 265ml
¥4,104(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-Ma Refill Refill 500ml
¥6,696(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-Ma Eco size Eco size 1,000ml
¥11,340(Including tax)
Pump Pump
¥216(Including tax)
Stand Holder Stand Holder
¥1,296(Including tax)