Soap of hair

1-G. Silky and light type

■For people who want silky, supple touch.
■For people who want light and bouncy hair.

Fresh grapefruit scent

The silk extracts and rutin derivative protect the hair from damages caused by the dryer and the sun, while leaving your hair silky and shiny.

Betaine-oriented cleansing ingredient / Silk-originated cleansing ingredient / Lipidure(R)(moisturizer) / Silk Extract(repairing agent) / Rutin Derivative (conditioning agent) / Grapefruit・Hawthorn・ Jujube・Apple・Lime・Orange・Lemon / etc.

Soap of hair 1-G

Soap of Hair 1-G


soap of hair 1-G Disposable size Disposable size 10ml
¥154(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-G mini bottle Mini bottle 60ml
¥864(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-G Standard 265ml
¥3,456(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-G Refill Refill 500ml
¥4,536(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-G Eco size Eco size 1,000ml
¥10,044(Including tax)
Pump Pump
¥216(Including tax)
Stand Holder Stand Holder
¥1,296(Including tax)