Soap of hair

Refreshing the pores of the skin

■For sweaty, oily hair and scalp.
■Without tightening up your skin, it nourishes a smooth, silky hair.

Fresh musk scent

Luxurious cleansing for the whole body with the foam of natural clay.
4 kinds of natural clay (cleanser), including sea silt, cleanse not only your hair and scalp but from head to toe. Combining Ceracute(R)-L (moisturizer) to the formula, it creates firm, healthy skin.

Coconut Oil-originated cleansing ingredient / Diatomaceous Earth・ Montmorillonite・Sea Silt・Moroccan Lava Clay (pure) / Keratin・Collagen (repairing agent) / Ceracute(R)-L (moisturizer) / Seaweed Extract・Sea Salt / etc.

Soap of hair 1

Cleansing of Skin 01


soap of hair 1 mini bottle Mini bottle 50g
¥842(Including tax)
soap of hair 1 Standard 220g
¥3,240(Including tax)