3-RO. Scalp Essence for women

■Massaging scalp essence into the scalp improves the scalp’s microcirculation and can help enhance oxygen delivery to roots.
■Including 23 kinds of Japanese, Chinese and Western herbal extracts directly work into your scalp, and keep it healthy and clean.

Damask Rose scent

Scalp energizer for optimum hair and scalp health. The unique ingredient combinations based on aloe vera juice stimulate blood supply to the scalp. As you spray it on your scalp directly and give massage on it, you will soon feel cool with menthol, then feel hot with capsicum extract. This scalp essence which designed especially for women, contain Soybean, Soybean milk and Japanese lute leaf. These ingredients also work for female hormone.

Aloe Vera Juice (moisturizer) / Soybean ・ Soybean milk ・ Japanese lute leaf ・ Enmein ・ Chamomile ・ Rehmannia Glutinosa ・ Cloves ・ Paeonia Suffruticosa ・ Iris Domestica ・ Ficus Religiosa ・ Arnica Montana ・ Lamium album L. ver. Barbatum (Siebold et Zucc.) Franch. et. Sav. ・ Nasturtium Officinale ・ Arctium Lappa ・ Herera Helix / Glucooligosaccharide (conditioning agent) / etc.

Scalp Essence 3-RO

Scalp Essence 3-RO


Scalp Essence 3-RO Standard 100ml
¥7,776(Including tax)
Scalp Essence 3-RO Eco size Eco size 300ml
¥19,224(Including tax)