2R-RO Scalp

■For people who want moisture on the scalp, bonce and volume on hair.
■Strongly recommend for women with pregnant and after childbirth.
■Good for aging care of scalp and hair.
■For people who’s scalp has got tough. This scalp care treatment help you with massaging while your treatment time.

Rosa centifolia scent

Medicated scalp care treatment designed for women especially who have trouble with their less and thinner hair because of pregnant, aging, and unhealthy lifestyle. It contain soybean, soybean milk and Japanese lute leaf, and they are the different ingredients from Treatment of Hair 2-R medicated. These three ingredients also work for female hormone.

Trehalose Derivative (conditioning agent) / Ceracute(R)-V (repairing agent) / Soybean ・ Soybean milk ・ Japanese lute leaf ・ Aloe Vera Juice ・ Korean Ginseng ・ Swertia Japonica ・ Enmein ・ Paeonia Suffruticosa ・ Sehmannia Glutinosa ・ Chamomile ・ Capsicum Extracts ・ Menthol / etc.


Treatment of Hair 2-RO Scalp MEDICATED


Disposable size 10g Disposable size 10g
¥194(Including tax)
Mini bottle 60ml Mini bottle 50g
¥972(Including tax)
Treatment of Hair 2-RO Scalp Standard 210g
¥4,104(Including tax)
eco Eco size 1,000g
¥12,420(Including tax)
Pump Pump
¥216(Including tax)
Stand Holder Stand Holder
¥1,296(Including tax)