ROSE series

4-5. Glossy styling Styling Hair Milk

■Giving glossy shine to your dry, permed / colored hair and frizzy hair.
■Recommended for use before hair-irons and hot curlers.

Rose scent

Moisturizes your hair to give a glossy shine.
Pellicer(TM), proticute, and Lipidure(R)NA repair the dry, damaged hair and help absorb the plant-originated beauty ingredients giving you a hydrated smooth finish. Use before blow-drying or going out.

Pellicer(TM)・Proticute (repairing agent) / Jojoba Oil・Lipidure(R)NA・Eidelweiss・Rosa Centifolia・Rutin Derivative (moisturizer) / Damask Rose Oil (scent) / etc.

Hair milk of Hair 4.5RO

Hair milk of Hair 4.5RO


Hair milk of Hair 4.5RO Disposable size Disposable size 5ml
¥183(Including tax)
Hair milk of Hair 4.5RO Standard 100ml
¥3,564(Including tax)