ROSE series

1-RO. Smooth and shiny type

■For frizzy hair, stiff hair〜normal hair with dry scalp.
■For highly damaged dry hair.

Graceful Rose scent

The unique blend of natural ingredients including licorice extract, it moisturizes hair and invigorates your scalp.
The formula of keratin, collagen, hematin fortifies the damage, leaving the hair smooth and hydrated.

Betaine-oriented cleansing ingredient / Plant-originated cleansing ingredient / Collagen-oriented cleansing ingredient / Lipidure(R)(moisturizer) / Keratin・Collagen・Hematin (repairing agent) / Licorice・Fennel・Chamomile・Hop / Damask Rose Oil (scent) / etc.

Soap of hair 1-RO SITTORI

Soap of Hair 1-RO SITTORI


soap of hair 1-RO SITTORI Disposable size Disposable size 10ml
¥162(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-RO SITTORI mini bottle Mini bottle 60ml
¥972(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-RO SITTORI Standard 265ml
¥4,104(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-RO eco Eco size 1,000ml
¥11,340(Including tax)
Pump Pump
¥216(Including tax)
Stand Holder Stand Holder
¥1,296(Including tax)