ROSE series

1-RO. Bouncy / Graceful & Supple for thinning hair

■For soft and thinning hair. You will get the rich volume and strength on your hair again.
■Cleansing agent that comes from wool surprisingly fit human’s hair. Therefore, your hair build up its strength again with the agent.

Damask Rose scent

Enriched with oat amino acid, it effectively repairs the damage while the natural ingredients of edelweiss and other 12 kinds of plant extracts gently moisturizes hair and invigorates your scalp. With every use, it leaves hair more voluminous, vibrant and resilient from the core.

Betaine-oriented cleansing ingredient / Olive oil-oriented cleansing ingredient / Wool-oriented cleansing ingredient / Oat Amino Acid (repairing agent) / Lipidure(R) (moisturizer) / Edelweiss / Damask Rose Oil (scent) / etc.

Soap of hair 1

Soap of Hair 1-RO


soap of hair 1-RO Disposable size Disposable size 10ml
¥162(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-RO mini bottle Mini bottle 60ml
¥972(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-RO Standard 265ml
¥4,104(Including tax)
soap of hair 1-RO eco Eco size 1,000ml
¥11,340(Including tax)
Pump Pump
¥216(Including tax)
Stand Holder Stand Holder
¥1,296(Including tax)