Organic oil

0argan Argan Oil, a brand new feeling Organic oil for total care (hair, face, body)

■For dry parts of your body. Provides moisture to mature skin.
■For a special care before going to bed. Excellent permeation leaves your skin firm and hydrated.

[Non-fragrant] 100% organic Argan oil. Pure sense of use.

Argan Organic Oil
Excellent moisture-retaining power. For a beautiful, firm and supple skin.
From ancient times, argan oil, extracted from the kernels of argan trees grown in deserts, were loved by women as a beautifier. With its excellent permeation and moisture-retaining power, argan oil, rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, fortifies the skin’s natural ability and leaves your skin soft and supple.


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Of Argan oil 0 Disposable size Disposable size 1ml
¥194(Including tax)
Of Argan oil 0 Standard Standard 30ml
¥5,508(Including tax)
Of Argan oil 0 Big size Big size 150ml
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Of Argan oil 0 Eco Eco size 300ml
¥30,240(Including tax)