Organic jojoba oil

Luxurious shine for hair and skin Organic oil for total care (hair, face, body)

■For every age and skin-type. Provides hydrated shine to your hair and skin.
■Outdoor protection for your skin. Vegetable wax moisturizes your skin for a non-sticky, smooth touch.

[Non-fragrant] 100% organic Jojoba oil. Pure sense of use.

Non-fragrant, rare jojoba oil.
By using molecular distillation method, we have produced a clear, high-quality oil. In order to use pleasantly on your body, we have removed the distinct jojoba smell. Easily absorbed, it leaves your skin and hair feeling soft and smooth.
● Also recommended for scalp massage and moisturizing care after bath.
● Works as a protective membrane when applied a small amount before using a sunscreen.


Of Jojoba oil 0 (boxed)


Of Jojoba oil 0 Standard 32ml
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