Soap of hair

001. Smooth and shiny type

■For highly damaged hair, frizzy hair, stiff hair.
■For people who want well-balanced moisture to hair and skin.


The natural ingredients of keratin, collagen, hematin fortify the damaged hair.
Help restore moisture making it easy to manage.

Betaine-oriented cleansing ingredient / Plant-originated cleansing ingredient / Collagen-oriented cleansing ingredient / Lipidure(R) (moisturizer) / Keratin・Collagen・ Hematin (repairing agent) / Licorice・Fennel・Chamomile・Hop・ Melissa / etc.

Soap of hair 1

Soap of Hair 001
(Non-fragrant type)


soap of hair 001 Standard 265ml
¥2,808(Including tax)
soap of hair 001 Eco size Eco size 1,000ml
¥8,424(Including tax)
Pump Pump
¥216(Including tax)
Stand Holder Stand Holder
¥1,296(Including tax)