ER series

2er. Instant repair for permed / colored hair Concentrated Home Care

■Home care products to use for few days after getting your hair permed or colored.

Rosemary scent

This alkaline balancing hair treatment effectively preserves the perm and protects the color intensity while the herbal extracts leave hair soft and luminous.

Citric Acid・Citric Acid Na (pH adjuster) / Keratin・Collagen (repairing agent) / Lipidure(R) (moisturizer) / Walnuts・Sunflower・Persimmon Tannin / Rosemary Oil・Lavender Oil・Eucalyptus Oil・Juniper Berry Oil (scent) / etc.

Treatment of hair 2-ER

Treatment of Hair 2-ER


Treatment of hair 2-ER Disposable size 10g
¥216(Including tax)
Treatment of hair 2-ER Standard 50g
¥1,080(Including tax)