Body Cream (Vanilla & Plumeria / Magnolia / Rose). For sensitive skin

■Instantly relieves dry itchy skin. Also helps control flare ups while rebalancing skin to keep irritation from coming back.
■Apply for immediate hydration and soothing relief on face or body.
■We have three different types of scent. Vanilla & Plumeria, Magnolia, and Damask rose scent.

Ideal for severaly dry, flaky skin, this smoothing cream gently loosen flakes without irritation, allowing essential hydration to reach the areas that need it moist. Contains squalane from sugarcane, organic argan oil and several herbal essence, each elements soothe and soften skin.

Olive oil / Squalance from sugarcane / Organic Argan oil / Organic Jojoba oil / Shea butter / Meadowfoam oil / Glucooligosaccharide / etc.

Body Cream


02-VP 02-VP 155g
¥4,320(Including tax)
02-RO 02-RO 155g
¥4,320(Including tax)
02-Ma 02-Ma 155g
¥4,320(Including tax)