01-RO. Extra Moisture type

■For dry, irritated, itchy skin.
■Stops the itch before it begins.

Damask rose scent

Betaine-oriented moisturizing body-wash for hyper dry and sensitive skin. With betaine-oriented natural ingredients, it cleans your body gently, you will relief from dry, itchy skin. Containing several kinds of organic oils, they effect the oil balancing of your skin, and condition your body smooth and moisturized. As for moisturizing results, royal jelly, propolis, and honey added to hydrate your skin.

Licorice ・Brown Sugar ・Propilis ・Royal Jelly ・Honey (moisturizer) / Western Hawthorn ・Argan Oil ・Jojoba Oil / Damask Rose Oil (scent)

Soap of Body 01-RO

Soap of Body 01-RO


Soap of Body 01-RO Disposable size Disposable size 15ml
¥259(Including tax)
Soap of Body 01-RO Standard 450ml
¥4,860(Including tax)